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E1 Splitter

The E1 Splitter is a multi-purpose and yet very simple solution for the network operation teams. The 2.048 Mbps, HDB3 coded E1 signal it receives on its input port is amplified and distributed to the eight outputs without modifying the data content or the frame structure. It has been developed for larger network stations where the number of available synchronization-purpose E1 channels are limited. By multiplying one of the synchronization purpose E1 channel into eight identical timing signal the station’s network elements can be easily synchronized.

Further application examples:

  • Call loggers
  • Data recorders
  • Line testers

Download Datasheet

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Key features

  • 2,048 Mbit/s HDB-3 120 ohm balanced infrastructure
  • Transparent distribution of one input to eight independent outputs
  • Extended input attenuation range
  • Excellent jitter filtering feature
  • Easy remote control by two floating contacts
  • AIS generation to outputs in case of input signal loss
  • Low profile, low power consumption, simple maintenance
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