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10MHz Splitter

The 10MHz Splitter has been designed to distribute a single 10MHz reference signal into eight 10MHz output signals to multiple devices. Its port-to-port isolation, as well as its minimal through loss makes this splitter a must for communication systems, satellite earth stations, VSAT broadcast operations and test centers.

Splitting 1 to 15 is also available with the dual version.

The unit is housed in a 1U high and 19″ wide shelf, and is available in dual power supplies (optional).

Download datasheet

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Key features

  • 10Mhz 50-Ohm coaxial infrastructure
  • Transparent distribution of one input to eight independent outputs
  • Simple operation visual control by singel front panel lamp
  • Signal squelch in case of input signal loss
  • Easy remote control by two floating contacts
  • Low power consumption
  • Simple maintenance
  • Option: Two 10Mhz Splitter in one 1U height 19″ box
  • Option: Duplicated power supply unit
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